Finding memory leaks in solaris

I have started searching for a tool like memusage library in solaris. Then, I read about umem library. I felt, this tool is useful for finding memory leaks for a running program. We have to use the umem with mdb whose interface is very difficult to use. Then, after further exploration on this topic, I have opened sunstudio gui and started debugging with ‘memory checks’ on. Then, I found out that sunstudio is internally using dbx. So, I have noted dbx commands that are used for memory leaks.

dbx is more like gdb. first, we have to build the executable [CC test.c]. then start that executable using dbx [dbx ./a.out]. set ‘memory checks option on’ [check -memuse]. run the executable [run]. If there are leaks in our application, we will get a table like the following

Total Size Num of Leaked Blocks Block Address Allocation call stack
========== ====== =========== ====================
8 1 0x80688a8 func2 < func1 < func < main

This table is saying that, it has got a memory leak of 8 bytes in main>func>func1>func2 function. From this, we can know that memory allocated in function func2 is not freed. Now, we can guess where that allocated memory can be freed.

Enjoy! Happy leak free code!!


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  1. sarma said,

    August 10, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Very good article….

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