Solaris:Make a shared library which can be executable

After many days, I got some free time to continue the work that I have done here.
In solaris, I know, by writing asm code, we can make a shared library work as an executable. So, I thought of writing a simple tool which can make necessary changes to shared library to act as an executable. First I have read cc man page to find out how to set an entry point. I found that we have to pass -e option to linker. So, I have written a test program [download] and compiled it to create a shared library. When executed it [$./] , it gave segmentation fault and failed. It was setting entry point correctly. I have used elfdump to check whether it is setting entry point properly or not. We can see entry point with elfdump -p <executable> [e_entry value]. We can search for that entry point in ‘elfdump -s <executable> | grep <e_entry value>’. For reading the section headers, I have used the example given in elf man page. Then, I have executed that section header print program on that shared library. Then I have observed that the created shared library was not having ‘.interp’ section. ‘.interp’ contains interpreter value. After loading the file, system handles the control to interpreter, if ‘.interp’ section exists. So, at this stage, I thought of writing a program using elf/gelf library to add the interp section. But, when I read the man pages again, I saw -I option to linker to set the interp value. [By default, for executables, .interp section is created and /usr/lib/ value is set. By default, For shared libraries, it wont create any interp section]. So, I have used -I option to compile my program into library. Now, entry point is correct and .interp section is also there. When executed my shared library [$./], it executed normally without giving segmentation fault.

One more problem here is to get the command line arguments. I think, we have to write some assembly code to do that. If you want that feature, you can refer to this and this. you can download my programs here.


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