Useful non-crypto modules in OpenSSL crypto library

In C/C++, for secure networking/cryptography, I feel OpenSSL is the best choice. Other than cryptography/secure networking, there are many other good modules in OpenSSL that can be used in various applications. Few of them are BIO, BN, ASN1. BIO is an abstraction layer over I/O. By using BIO, we can do Socket I/O, File I/O, in-memory I/O etc. Moreover, BIO can be used as a filter also; ex: we write plain text to BIO, we get the encrypted text when reading from BIO. BN is a BIGNUM library. It is a library for handling very big numbers. For creating very big primes, arithemetic operations on very big numbers, we can use BN module. ASN1 is the abstract syntax notation module. Using this module, we can use many ASN1 functions. As I know, these 3 are very good non-crypto modules. If you consider cryptography or ssl, OpenSSL has everything. Moreover, it comes with a very flexible license.