nm & dump in AIX

In Solaris, Linux and HP-UX, I have used nm to see exported symbols in my shared library. So I have started using the same command in AIX also. But, in the command output, all my exported symbols are prefixed with dot [.]. Moreover, there are lot many symbols in ” T ” [Global Text] section of the output. Even, basic string functions like strlen, memcpy are also under ” T “. I thought there might be a bug in my makefiles and tried to fix them. After debugging this for 6 hours, I thought of trying other commands also. Finally I have tried dump [dump -HTv] and I got the output exactly what I have expected. Functions like strlen,memcpy are under undef section. So, in AIX, it is better to use dump for seeing symbols in the shared library. As I dont have free time, I have not investigated why nm was showing symbols in a different manner.


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