Projects in Solaris

When I was reading an interesting blog about prstat behavior, I read about projects in Solaris. After reading about projects, I came to know that they are mainly used for controlling resources used by process[es]. Suppose, if we want to control the CPU/disc/memory usages, then we create a project [using projadd, projmod] and in /etc/project, we have to modify resource control field. Then we can create/attach processes into this project [using newtask]. Once the process is created/attached in this project, all resource constraints will apply to that process. Suppose if the resource constraint name is process.max-file-descriptor and the value is 10, a process in that project can not have more that 10 file descriptors. Moreover, using prstat -J command, we can clearly see the resources used for projects. I felt this is a very good way to control resources used by specific processes, but I don’t know if the similar thing exists on other platforms like Linux. Some good links that I have referred are here & here.