Find & Replace non-printable characters in vim

When I converted a file from EBCDIC format to ASCII format using an online tool, there are many non-printable characters in the ASCII file. So, this ASCII file is completely unreadable. So, I followed the below steps to make it readable.

1) Find hexa value of that non-printable character. Move your cursor to that character and press ‘ga’.

2) In escape mode, execute this ‘:%s/\%x85/\r/gc’. In my case, hexadecimal value of that non-printable character is 85. I replaced that with ‘\r’.

Some characters like ‘Ctrl+M’ can be printed by ‘Ctrl+v’ + ‘Ctrl+M’. But, in my case, 0x85 is that non-printable character and could not print it using ‘Ctrl+v’.


Make vim to remember file cursor position : solaris

Some time back, I installed vim in Solaris after taking the package from sunfreeware site. I have configured colors also. But one main annoying thing is that it does not remember the cursor position of the same file opened previously. i.e. When I open a file and move to line no:1000 , quit and open the same file again, cursor will be placed at line no:0. After reading a few web pages [not with much help], I have read vim documentation [:help viminfo]. There I found that by typing `” [backquote & doublequote], cursor will be moved to the line where we left last time. But I dont want to type `” everytime I open a file. I want to automate this. After searching for `” pattern in my Linux vim config files, I found the following code snippet in /etc/vimrc in my SuSE.

if has(“autocmd”)
autocmd BufReadPost *
\ if line(“‘\””) > 0 && line(“‘\””) <= line(“$”) |
\ exe “normal g`\”” |
\ endif

After I have added the above code in my solaris .vimrc, things began working properly. Actually I have sent a mail to vim mailing list and started working on this problem. When I checked my mails after solving the problem, I saw few good replies from vim mailing list pointing to these links tip#80 , yahoo_groups .

Have you tried web services in sun studio?

    In .net IDE, MS has integrated web services with their IDE very well. You ask any MS dev guy, I am sure they will say it is very simple and takes 5 minutes to develop and deploy.

    But, I have never heard the same words from a java guy [Atleast from the java people that I know]. Like many, I used to think developing web services in java is difficult and have to write lot of code manually. But, recently I had explored web services options in Sun Studio Enterprise. Totally, I had spent 2 hours in collecting/seeing tutorials and flash demos.

    Sun has considered many things from dev point of view. It has put all options necessary for webservices. Finally, when I tried to develop a web service, it was completed in 5 minutes. yes.. really 5 minutes!!

    Not only web services, that tool is very good for enterprise development. Enterprise development means, I would say web applications, EJBs, Web services and Integration with major application servers from with in the IDE. For my application development, I have used that tool. It has lot many good features likes profiler, Application verification kit, debug integrated with all supported app servers and Matisse based GUI development[Drag and drop like in VB].

    If you want to do enterprise development in java.. then consider Sun Studio Enterprise [Its free!!].

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