Scheduling e-mails in web based mail services

In web based e-mail services like yahoo mail & gmail, I always feel 1 feature is missing. That is setting timer to send mails. Suppose, if tomorrow is my friend’s birthday, I will write an email and set a timer to deliver the email at night 12′ clock. I don’t have to be awake till 12′ clock to wish him.

In the view part, only change is “Drop down” should be provided at the send button to select the time.

I know we can achieve this using schedulers present in our machines. But, feature like this in web based mail services will reach more audience. If this option is provided in yahoo or gmail, that will be very nice.


Why doesn’t firefox prompt to remember yahoo password

I have observed that firefox does not prompt to remember password for yahoo mail. Then after searching for it over net, I found that we can restrict browsers from prompting to remember passwords. In HTML <form> elelement, we can use autocomplete=”off” to restrict browsers from prompting. Yahoo mail uses form element like this <form method=“post” action=; autocomplete=“off” name=“login_form”>.

In this webpage, I have found a bookmarklet which will remove autocomplete=”off” parameter in form element. So, when we click login, browser submits the login/password to server and prompts the password remember dialog [because, now form element does not have autocomplete=”off” parameter]. Once the browser remembers password info, from next time on, it does not check for autocomplete parameter in form element.

How to execute: open firefox and enter Once the page is loaded, copy the bookmarklet and paste it in the address bar and execute. It says it has removed autocomplete parameter from the form. Then, enter your login/password info and press enter. Then, firefox “remember password dialog” appears.

You can copy the bookmarklet from the above mentioned webpage or I have copy/pasted the same bookmarklet here.

How to make a web page better printable

Today, I have seen a webpage full of menus, submenus and other links to their sites. But, it has a very good information. I can take printout, but I dont like to see the page with their menus/submenus. But I tried to print that page from firefox. Surprisingly, I did not get their menus/submenus. I got exactly what I wanted. Then I saw HTML source code and saw this line <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” media=“print” href=“print.css” />. Then I read about link tag in HTML and came to know that attribute named “media” can be used to specify action name. Then I saw this article “Print Different“. If you want this kind of functionality in your web application, then read the above mentioned article.